Why Is The Moroccan Revolution Nigh?

Because despite the state spending gigantic amounts of money on propaganda, the truth is… Makhzen committed a myriad of unforgivable crimes after the fake reconciliation post-Lead Years (such as in the case of Mohamed Hajib, Moumni and Ali Aarass, Mohcine Fikri, Hayat…) and has exiled, jailed and silenced Youtubers, activists and journalists. This new state of repression and digital authoritarianism is utilising everything from the two official religions to lack of it, LGBTQ to State Feminism focused on bourgeois representations of the Moroccan woman, sports to arts and academia to diplomacy and western neoliberal elites. Even some far right figures in the Anglo-saxon world.

It is true that Moroccans lived through Fes in the 90s, Koumira in the early 80s and the Hiraks in Jrada, Sidi Ifni and the Rif: it did end up being a basic collective negative emotion, defining the essence of being ruled by the Alaouite Mafia: fear.

Fear leads one to reflect on the red lines drawn by the Makhzen as an apparatus for centuries and how history recorded the end of nation/states, empires and governments built on propaganda, silencing and fear. The end is nigh because the Alaouite Mafia is guilty of Hogra against millions, Herba of minors used in wars with the European Union, because of Omar Radi, Moul Hanoute, Moul Lcasque, Nouredine Laawaj, Suleimane Raissouni, Bouachrine, Anouzla, Zefzafi and Hirak detainees, Sahrawi detainees and basically all of the Moroccan population jailed by the criminal Makhzen. A big Oukacha named Morocco.

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