Wahiba Kharchiche, Jamila Saadani, Fatima Zahra Lkhbabi, Hayat B and Dounia Filali

Wahiba Kharchiche deleted her videos. She was sexually harassed for years by her superior in the Hammouchi apparatus. When she sought justice, a fabricated and sexually-laden video of her and her lawyer was leaked by the police media.

Jamila Saadani was arrested after exposing sex trade in Marrakech on Youtube.

Fatima Zahra Lkhbabi was attacked by baltajia in Asfi. They also forced her to say “Long Live the King”. Her only crime was supporting the discussion around liberating Morocco.

Hayat was shot by the Moroccan navy while trying to cross to Spain. Hayat is dead.

Dounia Filali investigated Hamza Mon BB, a sex trade and blackmailing network. She produced Youtube videos on this peculiar affair highlighting the depth of corruption in the most beautiful country in the world. She then moved on to produce youtube content on the authoritarianism stepping on the Moroccan’s neck. Dounia was attacked by trolls, police media and received torture threats while living in China. She was arrested and banned from leaving China. Dounia will probably be exchanged against some unlucky uighurs arrested by Morocco.

Yet, the propaganda spits the pictures of the seven women in the government as a triumph for feminism. Mnebhi could be heard laughing from her blessed grave.

Patriarchy within the Makhzen apparatus is a tale of control which keeps the majority of women in a perpetual cycle of misery. On the facade of the latter, some bourgeois women surrounding “his majesty” as part of the big Moroccan Feminist Show.

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