Why Is a Free Maati Mounjib Dangerous For the Makhzen Apparatus?

Today, Maati Mounjib, Moroccan/French academic was banned from leaving Morocco to France in order to seek medical care after his assets were frozen by the state, as a result of yet another bogus case against those exposing, documenting and investigating corruption and deconstructing the logical fallacies of a “Moorish” propaganda, fuelled by local, old settlers and Neo-settlers typologies of influencers. In retaliation against the unjust rule of law in the land of the fake rule of law, tainted with nepotism, authoritarianism, royal ire and pardons and corruption, Mounjib decided to go on yet another hunger strike.

Maati is known to have the capacity to mediate between the “left” and “islamist” currents. Hence, the Moroccan state prefers this type of troublemakers to be in a cell or live in a pseudo-state of freedom until jail time. Mounjib is a historian and one wonders what historical facts can be associated with a regime built around silencing any voice of reason, critical thinking and freedom. Morocco is a police state. Morocco is a dictatorship. Morocco is a large open air Oukacha where the master still wants slaves to remain silent.

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