Where are the Alaouites taking Morocco? Fin Ghadi Bina a 3doya?

There are many Moroccos. That of Moorish propaganda and that of Chouf TV, the one filled with misery inspiring the reassurance in the choices of those who escaped and the impossibility of life except inside Herba futures. This hellish cycle of Hogra birthing Herba is a curse which works as a blessing for those sitting on a fictional throne built on fake “divine right to rule” spotted for centuries and perceived through ordering religious propaganda zooms on a “sacred tree” during a signing of “Abraham war accords” with those who murder Palestinian children. As for our own children, the whole world watched them in Italian, Spanish, French documentaries while being negotiated and sold in Jamaa Lefna; But also being used as diplomatic armour against Spain…while floating with bottles, begging his “majesty” to let them remain in Spain.

Morocco was never independent. Celebrating the latter as a national holiday, is yet another aspect of Makhzani propaganda. In this Morocco where the King Midas of Rabat cultivated a past as “the king of paupers”, new colonisers have arrived (Ask Ouihmane and the Rif before Zefzafi revived the ashes left by the PAM). The ones investigating the patterns, discrepancies and similarities are now in Tamek’s hands. The Makhzen now controls tongues and minds through propaganda, threats, precedents on barlamane.com, silenced pens, demonisation of the left, islam, Youtubers, diaspora, NGOs such as Citizen Lab and Amnesty and anyone who would dare to write Aach Cha3b lyrics on a Facebook status.

The new Moroccan government is a colossal propaganda campaign and the next years will be filled with social media posts briwates stuffed with “L3am ziiiiiiiine content”.

It is time Moroccans step out of the propaganda world and face the many problems of the real Morocco. Silence only means the propaganda mushrooms until the whole population is muted.

The revolution is coming to Morocco. It is just a matter of time. On the good side, Pandora Papers and all the other leaks confirm the rotten greedy mouth devouring our rights as Moroccans…is sifting cash out in preparation for the rising of the Moroccans again Hogra and Herba destinies.

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