Dounia Filali is Free and Discussing her Ordeal with the Makhzen Mafia

After many months of silence, born out of “Lhajj” threats and harassment in China and carried out by the Moroccan diplomacy mafia, Dounia Filali is finally free to enumerate the many unfortunate events of her life in the last 6 months.

The Mafioso Moroccan state is attempting to apply key state feminism strategies to promote its “peculiar approach to respecting women”. However, the Dounia Filali story is a key indicator of how the state manipulates the image of the Moroccan woman for propaganda and PR while treating those women who chose to be critical of the Makhzen crimes, with contempt.

One shan’t go into the real misery of Moroccan women globally and locally. One shall leave the reader reflect on the manipulation and harming of women by cowards holding on to thrones.

Down with the patriarchy with a Makhzen flavour. Down with dictatorship utilising women’s bodies against freedom. Down with Mohamed 6, the quintessential hater of Moroccan women. Down with the bourgeois woman who accepts to be a dictatorial patriarchy tool.

Moroccan women deserve better than to cry over their problems and end the latter sentences with a “3ach Al-Malik”. Death to the Malik….is the appropriate statement. Everything he represents must die.

Welcome back Dounia Filali: Kill them with your smile and your words.

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