The Threats During Mohamed 6 Era

After Mohamed 6 removed the Venetian mask of “King of the paupers” and put on that of savage neoliberalism marrying new alliances necessitating a remoulding of Tameghrabit, Islam, activism, journalism, the concepts of freedom and dignity and the political scene, the Moroccan monarchy decided to create a new fear after it “marinated” the population with erasing the Lead Years and Tazmamart. Citizens such as Moul Lkasketa, Mohamed Boudouh, Nourdine Laawaj, Dounia Filali, Omar Radi,9amama, Dar Siba, Tachfine, Azzouz, Jerome, Crab Man, Mohamed Hajib, Dihya, Suleimane Raissouni , Afaf Bernani, Hajar Raissouni and many others became highly critical of the Moroccan monarchy. The monarchy was stuck: The internet, the pen and the minds were a problematic issue.

Once the darkness reigned on Moroccan society ,outside the “Morocco Now” in Times Square and on Burj Khalifa, the travel bloggers singing the beauties of the Maghreb, the Moorish media diarrhoea and the corrupt/blind sections of global academia, journalism, politics, art, sports literature supporting a Moroccan tyranny, raping its citizens with bottles and using children as pawns in a chess game with Spain, Makhzen threats bifurcated into two structures.First, the police media ,Maati mounjib mentioned, became a threat spitting machine. Furthermore, the electronic trolls became a threat army mushrooming daily with the help of corporations doing little to stop the Bottle rape threats from multiplying.

The threats were systematically split between the police media and trolls reminding Moroccans that the punishments ,created by the monarchy and used for centuries, were still awaiting them if minds, tongues, brain cells decided to correlate, induce, analyse and investigate.

In this dark world of creating versions of truth for Moroccans and the world alike, while obscuring the miserable reality of citizens of all genders, ages, ethnicities…the trolls brought back the universe of “We will make you sit on a bottle”, ” We shall recreate acid baths”, ” We shall make you pay” and ” Someone will finish you off soon”.

The world closes its eyes to the struggle of Moroccans and unfortunately some succumb to “orientalist packages” in order to close their eyes to the tyranny eating away the Moroccan’s dignity and right to remain on his land rather than flee to Herba/Ghorba destinies.

When will the world elites cease to support an ancient dictatorship threatening its citizens with bottle rapes and acid baths? Can they accept the latter in their societies or was it only written for Moroccans and the rest of Africans?

The social contract in Morocco is broken once Ali Aarass spoke of his rape. The social contract is broken when Hayat B was shot in the Med. The social contract was defecated on when Ali Lmrabet was banned from writing. The social contract was broken when a dying Khalid Ljamai asked his son not to come for his funeral out of fear for him. The social contract was broken when Hajar Raissouni was forced to have a medical exam and then arrested. It was broken when Dounia Filali received a myriad of threats from both the police media and trolls. The social contract with the Moroccan monarchy is broken: because it is a threat machine amalgamated with propaganda to wash away the stench of acid baths and rape threats.

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