Algeria as a Curtain for Morocco’s Internal Problems

The Moorish movement and its trolls on social networks, Influencers on very social network and academics, diplomats, soccer stars, music artists, average Bouchaib and Khaddouj, journalists, far right stars and even cooking and beauty channels on Youtube, Instagram etc, are “Defending the Moroccan Nation”: Egyptians, Iraqis, Syrians, Tunisians, Algerians, Saudis, Jordanians, Emaratis, Zionists, Far right stars from the Western world and even make up artists are “defending” Morocco.

One might start wondering after nearly three years of Moorish propaganda and its arms swinging globally from Argentina to South Korea, on what the purpose of vomiting this content attacking Algeria, its cultural heritage, history, martyrs, honour and symbols IS.

Morocco has seen a transition from illusions of change since 1999 to a state of absolute monarchy where Zefzafi is raped with a wooden stick and Ali Aarass is traumatised by a bottle rape. There is a significant regression in the state of human rights in the rotten land of Makhzen and the economical misery will be the fire igniting a revolution of Hunger, Hogra and Dignity, which was robbed from the citizens by an apparatus fuelled with terrorising and using its citizens and the fear the latter births.

While spitting the venom on Algeria, the Moroccan regime decided to take its population and the diaspora on a Karwila ride with holograms of old kings, monarchy history and need for continuity, cultural artefacts and orientalist accounts for how “wonderful and necessary the monarchy is”. The Moroccan mind is being bounced between VENOM and BRAINWASHING.

The Mouad L7aqed “Lmgharba Fiqou” stands significant today when technology is being used to conquer a Citizen Share Of Mind with propaganda playing on bouncing between negative and positive emotions, nostalgia and jailing free thought outside the “Moorish framework”.

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