The Alliance Between Zionist Settlers and Makhzen

Jews are our brothers and sisters. This is about a land named Morocco where antisemitism was almost never an issue. This is about Palestine and Morocco: the appearing of a new alliance reinforced with the Abraham War Accords and a new policy of facing the growing anger at the Royal Mafia online and offline, the Western Sahara issue and taking part of a giant land grabbing collaboration in Africa through investments of/and or mediated by a North African tyrant worried only about money in his foreign bank accounts and ensuring the impoverishment and silencing of the citizens remains for centuries.

In this new alliance scheme, the Moroccan citizen is bombarded with pro Zionist/settler content and given the impression that “a mistake was made with the original Khawa Khawa”. Therefore, let’s increase the flow of Moroccan sephardim supporting a dictatorship awarding them historical privilege in Netanya and Essaouira, sprinkle some “3ash 3ash”, flags and “Allah yenser Sidna”. Let’s increase religion bifurcating into Muslim and Jewish loyalties warranted by Imams and Rabbis singing “3ash 3ash” in tandem. Let’s increase the flow of a “fake tolerance history”….let’s obscure real Moroccan Jewish history and Nakba, Sabra & Chatila, our Moroccan martyrs in Palestine and Nass Lghiwane Palestine discography.

Pegasus was used on activists, scholars, journalists, Youtubers: the tech authoritarianism sold to those who signed the Abraham War accords were also a benefit to those who want to perpetuate Arab Monarcho- Kleptocracies through snooping on privacy.

Let’s remember on this particular month that Mehdi Benbarka was murdered and that justice has not been found by his loved ones. Makhzen trolls have found a new confidence adding “acid bath” threats next to “bottle ones”. Yet, Irina wants us to believe that Morocco is a democracy. Mazel Tov. Sheket Marroko, slikha.

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