Tik Tok…The famine revolution is nigh

The criminal regime of Mohamed 6 continues to repress its citizens. The last weeks have been filled with more Moroccan citizens breaking the makhzen’s red lines by exposing the system’s lies. University students have now protested in small towns and megacities against the latest government decisions to put an age threshold on teaching jobs.

The world continues to close its eyes to the monumental propaganda budget of the Mahlaka selling its children to hungry pedophile tourists and throwing them in the Med, in order to punish Spain. However, the Moroccans have started to speak loud and clear about the criminal king. Keep an eye on Moroccans refusing to live under the claws of Moroccan monarchy.

Dear Hammouchi and Mansouri: Your electronic flies, the bottle threats and PR firms will not stop the upcoming wave of uprooting Alaoui monarchy from our soil and air. The filth shall be cleaned and the Jallad and his clique shall be tried.

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