Between Nostik and Fizazi: A Makhzen “moderating” Morocco’s religiosity like a clubhouse room.

This is an analysis of a Moroccan Youtuber’s discourse. A bipolar Youtuber who refuses to seek help for his mental health and would rather beg for financial assistance to numb his pain with Moroccan hashish on European soil. This man who claims to defend the Moroccan woman from the dictatorship constantly uses mysoginistic languages and metaphors impregnated in rape culture. This Youtuber who has formerly apologised to the king and the dictatorship apparatus is now formally adopting an extremist attitude and hence dangerous discourse for Moroccan freedom seekers. The latter Youtuber named after a bin claims “dictatorship is not as dangerous as Islam” and would like Moroccans to start a crusade against Islam rather than dictatorship. The ignorance of this online virus on Youtube has reached the point of proclaiming himself the sole holder of the truth without ever providing the reasoning behind hate speech, machismo and promotion of rape culture on Youtube.

I wondered for a long time about the religiosity equation under the dictator Mohamed 6. I sailed to the 2005 onwards Pew Research Center archives on Religiosity, Morocco and atheism.

Then to the latest BBC archives on religiosity and Morocco.

And onwards to the atheist oeuvre in Morocco during the Abu Zaitar’s wife era.


I headed to Nostik, The Clubhouse “Maghariba 3ilmaniyoun” rooms and the many profiles with bios spelling “Al-Malik-Al-Watan”. To Twitter and the many indicators Makhzen did its research on the dichotomy of religiosity and lack of it. Makhzen was both Pro-LGBTQ and homophobic based on religious grounds. Makhzen was atheist and christian, Muslim but also Jewish, Bahaii but also agnostic.

In preparation for the Hassan 3 era (or whoever will rule after the inner palace wars birth a successor to Momo 6), Makhzen is both Nostik and Fizazi. I for one, refuse to fall for this trap. I refuse to fall for any hate speech motivated by religious discrimination. I refuse to be played.

Finally, the same ignorant atheist and macho youtube microbe promotes normalisation as part of crusades against Islam. Palestine is not a religious affair: it is an occupation one. Just as Makhzen colonises Morocco with pimping atheism and Islam.

I close this tab smelling of the Bipolar Youtube bin and its slavery to ignorance, dictatorship, mysoginy and money:

Post revolution Morocco will be free of hate.

Boycott and report the Youtube Bin. Freedom cannot be built with the mediocre and ignorant.

PS: Latinoamerica is the land of Mexican revolution, Bolivar, indigenous movements against dictatorship and everything Calle 13’s Latinoamerica embodies. Latinoamerica is poetry, architecture, Maiz, songs, revolutions and miracles. Level up or shut up ( also seek mental health help).

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