Between Nostik and Fizazi: A Makhzen “moderating” Morocco’s religiosity like a clubhouse room.

This is an analysis of a Moroccan Youtuber’s discourse. A bipolar Youtuber who refuses to seek help for his mental health and would rather beg for financial assistance to numb his pain with Moroccan hashish on European soil. This man who claims to defend the Moroccan woman from the dictatorship constantly uses mysoginistic languages andContinue reading “Between Nostik and Fizazi: A Makhzen “moderating” Morocco’s religiosity like a clubhouse room.”

Majzen es Nuestro Enemigo. Argelia, No.

El régimen marroquí está utilizando Argelia como una ilusión óptica para mover la atención del público desde los vientos de las protestas estudiantiles y el aumento de los precios de los productos alimentarios, hacia un enemigo imaginario. Todos los días, la propaganda del Makhzen informa sobre corrupción, accidentes y fracasos en Argelia. Paralelamente, oscurecen laContinue reading “Majzen es Nuestro Enemigo. Argelia, No.”

Tik Tok…The famine revolution is nigh

The criminal regime of Mohamed 6 continues to repress its citizens. The last weeks have been filled with more Moroccan citizens breaking the makhzen’s red lines by exposing the system’s lies. University students have now protested in small towns and megacities against the latest government decisions to put an age threshold on teaching jobs. TheContinue reading “Tik Tok…The famine revolution is nigh”


كثر الحديث هذه الأيام عن مصطلح العياش وهناك من استاء من استعماله في وصف المساندين للمخزن، بل ذهب أحد الصحافيين إلى وصف نفسه بأنه” عياش وافتخر”  بعدما استعملت أبواق مخابرات الجزائر و الشيات نفس المصطلح لوصف ظاهرة  السليمي و قد أطلق هذا المصطلح على مجموعة من الصحافيين المخبرين لدرجة أنهم أدرجوه في تقديم برنامجهم لجلساتContinue reading “#تعايشت”

The Alliance Between Zionist Settlers and Makhzen

Jews are our brothers and sisters. This is about a land named Morocco where antisemitism was almost never an issue. This is about Palestine and Morocco: the appearing of a new alliance reinforced with the Abraham War Accords and a new policy of facing the growing anger at the Royal Mafia online and offline, theContinue reading “The Alliance Between Zionist Settlers and Makhzen”

Algeria as a Curtain for Morocco’s Internal Problems

The Moorish movement and its trolls on social networks, Influencers on very social network and academics, diplomats, soccer stars, music artists, average Bouchaib and Khaddouj, journalists, far right stars and even cooking and beauty channels on Youtube, Instagram etc, are “Defending the Moroccan Nation”: Egyptians, Iraqis, Syrians, Tunisians, Algerians, Saudis, Jordanians, Emaratis, Zionists, Far rightContinue reading “Algeria as a Curtain for Morocco’s Internal Problems”

The Threats During Mohamed 6 Era

After Mohamed 6 removed the Venetian mask of “King of the paupers” and put on that of savage neoliberalism marrying new alliances necessitating a remoulding of Tameghrabit, Islam, activism, journalism, the concepts of freedom and dignity and the political scene, the Moroccan monarchy decided to create a new fear after it “marinated” the population withContinue reading “The Threats During Mohamed 6 Era”

Dounia Filali is Free and Discussing her Ordeal with the Makhzen Mafia

After many months of silence, born out of “Lhajj” threats and harassment in China and carried out by the Moroccan diplomacy mafia, Dounia Filali is finally free to enumerate the many unfortunate events of her life in the last 6 months. The Mafioso Moroccan state is attempting to apply key state feminism strategies to promoteContinue reading “Dounia Filali is Free and Discussing her Ordeal with the Makhzen Mafia”

Where are the Alaouites taking Morocco? Fin Ghadi Bina a 3doya?

There are many Moroccos. That of Moorish propaganda and that of Chouf TV, the one filled with misery inspiring the reassurance in the choices of those who escaped and the impossibility of life except inside Herba futures. This hellish cycle of Hogra birthing Herba is a curse which works as a blessing for those sittingContinue reading “Where are the Alaouites taking Morocco? Fin Ghadi Bina a 3doya?”

Wahiba Kharchiche, Jamila Saadani, Fatima Zahra Lkhbabi, Hayat B and Dounia Filali

Wahiba Kharchiche deleted her videos. She was sexually harassed for years by her superior in the Hammouchi apparatus. When she sought justice, a fabricated and sexually-laden video of her and her lawyer was leaked by the police media. Jamila Saadani was arrested after exposing sex trade in Marrakech on Youtube. Fatima Zahra Lkhbabi was attackedContinue reading “Wahiba Kharchiche, Jamila Saadani, Fatima Zahra Lkhbabi, Hayat B and Dounia Filali”